Discover how you can rank on the leaderboard and leverage it to increase your exposure. Companies and individuals are constantly seeking design partners, with the top positions being the prime spot.

How does the real-time leaderboard ranking work

How do I rank in top positions?

Recommended actions:
  • Add the flames profile to your social channels and the flame icon to your website by following these steps.
  • Constantly share the Flames projects on Instagram Stories, Reels, LinkedIn, or other social channels to get unique views.
  • The more attention you bring to your projects from external sources, the higher chances to increase your score.
  • Make sure you share high quality projects instead of quantity. Look at others and try to do better.
Our custom-trained AI model will consider the points mentioned above, along with a few additional factors, to determine your position on the leaderboard.


Earn Apple products.
Compete with other designers/agencies.
Learn from the higher ranked designers.
Get work inquiries from worldwide companies.
Share your work with the entire world.